Haargummi is on Delta - we had great time! come here and go with me to ostzone to have fine food fine beer and fine fräuleins ( the WUNDER is still goin` on over there ! - wohingegen however in westzone emancipated lesbian chainsmoking green-red pds gertrude stein - witches die männer ins zoelibat treiben...!) )..... and they are not chasing ausländers any more in oz. Have some fun in boring ostzone and: jamais le dimanche ! (cause they are gute luther-christians !!) ...especially since joschka and gerhard now do the professionnal hunting in big scale togehther with their spielkameraden vom Nuts Agressive Tweetie Obliteration KINDERGARDEN (Clinton is die GÄRTNERIN) down there in ´god `s` and mr.milosewitch´s own country !! I`m profoundly satisfied about because we didn`t have it for a long time since vietnam : endlich wieder eine "gerechte" oorlog, und da duerfen naturallemand die deitschen auf keinen fall fehlen !! Your president not only fucking up us-law`s ethics, fucking up EURO-LAND by stirring up BALKAN-conglomerate....!! (as one can easily understandby that : the author of those lines seems to bee a highly tolerant, democratic und multicultural orientated person, n`est-ce pas?)

CRUISE MISSILE FLIEG`, DIE DEUTSCHEN SIND IM KRIEG,SLAVENLAND IST ABGEBRANNT, MAI-KÄFER FLIEG`.... (alte deutsche volksweise vom maikäfer-soldaten)So, lieber Herr Bürgermeister, jetzt muss ich scheiden dahin, ..muss i`denn, muss`denn, muss i`denn zum internet hinaus ....unten wirst du meine bank-konto-nummer finden um mir $1000 out of your election campaign fund zu schicken, damit ich ein X-RATED wae-file nicht von my friend in die local radio-station von LUGERHAMPTON CITY zur breakfast hour spielen lassen brauche - die money sind für die private Arnold-W-Stakk "I TAKE THE MONEY, YOU BUN, THEN I RUN AND HAVE FUN " MEMORIAL FOUNDATION which I created a couple of years ago when some cute guys from Washington Post showed up in my place in Germany and asked me what to do with a bunch of audio-tapes they had recorded in a hotel named WATERGATE ...So, mein verrückter Herr, jetzt habe ich bald wieder eine kleine pocket money, habe eine future mayer gut geholfen to support seine campaign, and helped to convince some immoral pinko-americans, still not believing in moral integrity and upwrightness of people`s LEADERS, to restore their belief and trust in massachussetts` upcoming new MAYOR !Auf wiedersehn, auf wiedersehn, bleib`nicht so lange fort!

****************************************************************** EIN PHILANTROP !

und hier die bank - konto:

SCHWEIZER BANK ZUERICH to CEO Mr. Blofeld`s account : # OO7 / 1984


virtually, yours!